Latest News: BNI deploys Indriya's Multifactor Authentication with Voice Biometrics for Automated Password Reset
BNI’s spokesperson M. Harsono, (IT Helpdesk & Command Center Group Head), was quoted as saying "Our new multifactor
automated password reset application from Indriya Innovations has alleviated the woes of IT help desk."

MFA Solutions

Our Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) solutions provide an accurate and cost-effective identity verification process that seamlessly integrates with existing access control, contact centres and Voice XML platforms. Our Voice Biometrics and Speech Recognition solutions can instantaneously authenticate identities with unsurpassed accuracy to improve operational efficiency, privacy and user security against fraud and theft.

Secure Commerce

Our voice solutions provide easy and secure ways for mobile users to authenticate oneself for payments and transactions without the hassle of having to carry multiple hardware tokens. We provide convenient authentication tools other than PINs and tokens, for smart phones and tablets that let the employees to access critical company applications and data on the go.

Innovate With Us

We constantly engage with our research partners to build useful solutions from innovative technologies. Our team comprises of people from industry and research institutes and they work together to bring life changing solutions to the masses. With our business and research expertise, we provide an excellent platform to commercialize promising technologies.