Indriya Innovations creates new processes and solutions with emerging science and technology. We work with our internal and external researchers to find a use for what they have discovered among as many people and organisations as possible. We promote ideas and innovations with a development and growth platform for market entry and commercialisation through customer awareness, adoption and acceptance.

Founded in Singapore by experienced ICT professionals and research scholars based out of Nanyang Technological University Innovation Center, Indriya Innovations has from early days focussed on the development of voice technology related applications. We worked on the existing speech recognition and voice biometrics engines that were available with academic and commercial institutions, and evaluated their suitability to support diverse Asian languages. We benchmarked various voice biometrics engines and subsequently designed a variety of industry applications to address the growing needs for authentication, identification and verification across banks, insurance, financial institutions, government, education, telecom, logistics and other services sector.

We have designed and built a set of innovative and user-friendly 'customer interaction solutions' that fully complies with multi-factor authentication standards and processes enhancing security, privacy, convenience for the consumers and end users. Our applications on the phone and web can greatly enhance "customer experience", drive customer loyalty with associated revenues and eventually reduce operating costs of sales and services. Our applications are relatively more convenient to use from any remote place and can rapidly increase self service options for customers and employees without compromising on any security standards.

Many leading organisations seek our advice, conduct feasibility studies and use our solutions and services for customer service center, internet and mobile applications as our applications provide an inexpensive additional authentication factor to insure against increasing number of cyber attacks arising from malware, OTP, SMS, tokens, etc.

We are working on various other technologies with our researchers that will change people's life and how they live and work in the future in an ever increasing mobile world.