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Business Benefits

Indriya Innovations INFAR 2.0 framework can be used for designing multifactor authentication with a 2FA/3FA on the phone and internet for various industry sectors. Our Solutions provide convenience and security, including time and cost savings for users and organizations.

Banks, Insurance and Capital Market: A Convenient and Secure 2FA Platform for

  • Phone Banking
  • ATM Services
  • Password and PIN Resets
  • e-Banking Access / Payment Gateway Security
  • Transparent Conversational Authentication for Private Banking
  • Second Level of protection on critical IT Systems against external intrusion

Telecom: Improving Customer Service and Security

  • Authentication to improve Self Service usage for Subscribers - traditional IVR based information
    • Account information, Billing information, Plan information, Non Customer menu, Complaints, Conducting Survey
  • Value Added Service
    • Barring / Unbarring, secure payment of bills, technical query, duplicate statements, activating and listening to Voice Mail services
  • New Generation Services, Secure access to content
    • Movies, Wallpapers, Videos, Tunes & Tones, Contest, Games, Infotainment, Astrology, Songs, Toto, Lottery
  • Contact Center access to agents - through IVR or Transparent Conversational Authentication
  • PIN/PUK Reset for prepaid subscribers

Government Agencies, Public Sector and Utilities

  • Authentication of citizen’s identity prior to provision of government services
  • Telephony Self Service Authentication for citizens and government employees, senior citizens and handicapped
  • Internet Self Service: Primary or Second Factor Authentication (2FA) for citizens accessing government services over Internet
  • Provisioning of international assistance and aids, goods and services to rural masses and underprivileged

Corporate Enterprise Services

  • B2E - Secure access to Voice Applications, Web / Internet applications access
  • Corporate Director authorisations and web transactions
  • Help Desk, Call Center and Voice Portal Access, Automated Password Reset (APR)
  • Secure conferencing and calling cards, Remote Time and Attendance
  • Protection of major IT Systems from external attacks
  • Secure physical access to premises with or without cards, eliminating card exchange

Campuses, R&D institutes and Universities

  • Automated Password Reset for students, staff, research scientists, defence personnel in military campuses
  • Accessing On-Line Resources, Verification for e-textbooks/electronic and classified documents
  • Accessing R&D & IP related information
  • Remote Time & Attendance for Students/Staff
  • Course and Module Registration, Identity Verification at Examinations
  • Borrowing of Books at Library, Student Polling
  • Submissions of Assessments, Access to Authorized Premises, Meals Services, Campus Watch

Other Service Providers:

  • Healthcare for access to patient information, insurance support at remote government clinics
  • Merchants for Transactions, Money transfer to remote areas, Mobile Commerce
  • Airlines Customer service, Logistics and Transport service providers
  • Immigration Control and Passport Services
  • Homeland Security, Defence, Military and Immigration Control; Offender, Juvenile Monitoring, Watch-list