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Customer Interaction and Authentication - Phone

Our 'Customer Interaction and Authentication' application verifies a customer's identity and provides access to a variety of self-service applications on the Integrated Voice Response (IVR) system.

In Contact or Call Center (such as Phone banking) scenario using Interactive Voice Response (IVR) platforms, our Solution provides a secure and convenient method to improve customers' self service experience and increases the IVR utilization. When the call gets routed to a call center agent or Customer Service Officer (CSOs), the system also provides a faster way to confirm a customer's identity reducing the overall Average Handling Time (AHT).

Our Solution improves user experience and privacy and provides considerable savings in operating costs for Organisations enhancing their levels of security.

Head of Organisations / CIOs should review their contact center caller authentication procedures with their Head of Customer Service, consider a technology assessment to determine if a higher level of authentication would better protect their customer, reduce cost, and improve their customer experience.

Consumers are also overflowing with multiple account Passwords/PINs, and are having a hard time managing them as Passwords/PINs gets compromised. Also, password reset calls are one of the leading call types into a contact center due to the numbers of account Passwords/PINs to remember.

Making access to Call Center with Identity thefts can happen using single factor authentication such as name, address, DOB, last four digits of ID Card, to gain access of account information. Some or all single factor authentication information can be found over the internet.

Hence Companies should evaluate Single Factor, Multi-factor, and Risk-Based authentication to determine which degree of security is best suited for their Contact Center.

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