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Customer Interaction and Authentication - Phone

Tier 1 or Single Factor/Multi-Item authentication (a form of security based only on “what you know”) is the current standard method for consumers to gain access of their account over the phone. Callers into a contact center are asked or prompted by the IVR to provide their account number and Telephone PIN. They may be also asked a challenge question such as their DOB, SSN, mother’s maiden name, and ZIP Code of their mailing address. Most of the time consumers would not remember their Telephone PIN.

The problem with Single Factor/Multi-Item authentication is it can be compromised by social engineering, theft or forgotten by the account owner.

Tier 2 or Multi-Factor authentication (based on "who you are") is a much secured method for consumers gaining accessing their account over the phone.

Tier 1 authentication Or Tier 2 Authentication or a combination of both can be used in Contact Center depending on the kind of transaction, as per the balance of security and convenience is desired.

The use of our INFAR 2.0 framework for speaker verification with voice biometrics authentication provides automated verification process of a caller based on the callers unique voice characteristics, and replaces the Customer Service Officer’s (CSO) manual account verification process.

The call flow begins with the caller phone-calling the contact center, the IVR prompts them to say or key in their account number. After validation of the account number, our ‘INFAR 2.0 based CIA – Phone’ application prompts the customer to say a fixed passphrase, repeat a random number and answer a knowledge question. The caller’s speech utterance is compared with an existing voice print, and the caller is allowed access into the account or transferred to a live agent.

On successful identification by the IVR, caller would be allowed to do self service, account inquires, check balances, bill payments, statements request, Move/Add/Changes (MAC), credit card activation, money transfer and over the telephone purchases. Our CIA - Phone verification process on average takes less than 10-14 seconds with no possibility of a criminal social engineering the process.

The manual account verification process by the CSOs / agents on average takes 50 seconds with the possibility of human interaction. An added value of our Solution in the contact center is a reduction in Average Handle Time (AHT) reducing operating costs and enhancing operational efficiency; allowing CSOs to conduct revenue generating activities.

Password or PIN (Telephone/Internet) manual reset process by CSOs / Help Desk is a huge cost to large enterprises' contact centers costing $4 - $15 per reset, and which finally takes considerable time for the new PIN to reach the User in a secured format. Our fully Automated Password/PIN reset application can cost less than $25c per reset.

Surveys have shown customers want this type of technology, if it can reduce identity theft and secure their personal information stored in the contact center. The most important benefit our Solution provides is the ease of use by callers to securely access their user account, no more remembering passwords, resulting in an improved caller experience.

Tier 3 or Risk-Based authentication is the third option for a contact center to deter fraud identity. Tier 1 and 2 authentication applies, plus the use of Speaker Verification and Identification through transparent conversation or free speech followed by voice mining features to identify, locate, detect and monitor the speaker. It is a unique, biometric speaker verification system that transparently verifies speakers in the background from a natural conversation.

The development and deployment of text-independent speaker verification technology has paved the way to an all-new, advanced platform that provides unsurpassed accuracy, as well as simple and straightforward integration. The free speech Solution is the most comprehensive, natural language speaker verification system, enabling customers to utilize the biometric power of voice to provide secure, efficient and convenient access to contact centers.

Independent of conversation content, the language spoken and accent, the Solution transparently verifies customers within seconds. Enrolments take place in the background of natural conversations between the customer and contact center agent. By eliminating cumbersome authentication processes, the Solution enhances the customer experience, reducing call duration and associated costs and allows CSOs to focus on providing quality service. Organisations can also reduce fraud with real time blacklist check.

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