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Customer Interaction and Authentication - Web

Our 'Customer Interaction and Authentication' application for the web verifies a customer's identity and provides access to a variety of online services through inbound and outbound calls.

In Internet banking scenario, Customers will log in using their PIN. They will be then asked to register on the web with their mobile or home phone numbers and provide certain particulars. The application system will initiate and invoke the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) platform to make an outbound call to the customer's registered Phone, and 'Enroll' their individual 'Voice Passphrase'.

A Customer can now access the Internet banking either through his/her PIN or 'Voice Passphrase' or both, applying a single factor or 2 Factor Authentication (2FA), depending on the type of transaction. This process can be used in conjunction with One Time PIN - OTP by SMS. In case of a PIN Lock, the Customer can have an Automated PIN Reset using his/her 'Voice Passphrase'. No need to call the call center and wait for the PIN to arrive. Our solution will increase customer convenience, security, and reduce fraud on Internet Banking.

Customer's Unique Identities (UID) or Bank Account numbers are tagged to their individual 'Voice Passphrase' or Voiceprints that are stored digitally in a secured database within the bank. The Customer Interaction and Authentication database can be used for a variety of applications like credit card activation, mobile banking etc. The above Enrollment process is applicable for all existing customers enrolling through call center or Internet. Banks may decide to have 'VoiceSignature' Enrollment for all new customers during account opening in the branch itself.