PerSay Announces New Strategic Partnership with INS Indriya in Singapore.

Partnership will focus on providing comprehensive Voice Biometrics Security solutions to Enterprises in Singapore and Asia.

New York, Feb. 19, 2009 -- PerSay, the leading provider of advanced voice biometrics solutions today announced a distribution partnership with INS Indriya, a leading technology consulting firm based in Singapore, providing Voice Applications and Customer Interaction strategy, solutions and services. Voice biometrics technology takes advantage of the fact that each person's voice is a unique and unobtrusive identifier, like a fingerprint. In contact centers, voice biometrics significantly reduces operational costs associated with customer authentication, enhances security and improves customer experience for contact centers that support banking, telecommunications, government agencies and other industries.

Customer convenience, satisfaction and retention are amongst the major values upon which INS Indriya focuses when delivering high-end software solutions and customized consulting services. Advanced voice biometrics solutions are a natural add to the INS Indriya portfolio.

Bringing an extensive experience and in-depth knowledge of the contact center and IVR arenas, INS Indriya joins a powerful set of leading companies who resell and maintain PerSay's products around the world. "The partnership with INS Indriya will provide our customers and prospects in Singapore and Asia with a local center of excellence and competence around the PerSay products", remarked Ariel Freidenberg, Executive VP, Global Sales and Business Development, at PerSay.

"We are excited to be able to offer PerSay's innovative solutions to Singapore and the Asian markets," says Pradip Pal, Managing Partner of INS Indriya. "PerSay's state of the art solutions make it so much easier for customers to interact with companies."

PerSay's Biometric Speaker Verification technology provides banking and financial services organizations worldwide with the solid groundwork for effective risk management, compliance with critical industry regulations, and the ability to successfully combat against increasing fraud and identity theft. A more aggressive, global approach to security is required today, and it's one that must take into consideration the need for cost efficiency without compromising on customer convenience. Voice biometrics enables simple and secure remote authentication for a variety of applications including Phone Banking Authentication, e-Banking Transaction Security, Private Banking and Password Reset, reducing associated costs in supporting these processes.

Citizens and Government employees requesting access to government contact centers and self-service applications through a voice portal can be quickly, easily and reliably identified and verified with PerSay products. The solutions are free from burdensome PINs and Passwords, users gain fast access that allows them to access contact centers and freely navigate among all portal service offerings. PerSay's voice biometrics products offer the optimum combination of accuracy, convenience and cost effectiveness for law enforcement and intelligence agencies in Offender Monitoring, Voice Mining, Immigration Control and public sector contact center security.

Today, a telecommunications or Internet service provider's survival depends on the delicate balance of controlling costs while enhancing security and delivering the high-quality services customers demand. PerSay's voice biometrics products offer global service providers with the most accurate technology available to deliver services to mobile device customers and internet users, securely and cost effectively. Voice biometrics enables a simple and secure remote authentication for a variety of applications including secure access to VAS, Mobile Commerce, Password Reset and Contact Center Security.

PerSay's voice biometrics products are designed to meet the dynamic security needs of today's enterprises, empowering organizations to improve security while reducing costs and delivering increased convenience to legitimate users. Based on robust biometric voice verification technology, PerSay's products protect private information, improve efficiency, and enhance the delivery of remote services via contact centers and the Internet. Voice biometrics enables secure remote authentication for a variety of applications including Secured Conferencing, Time and Attendance for employees including requesting access to enterprise data and self-service applications.

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PerSay is a leading provider of advanced biometric speaker verification products. PerSay's technology relies on the biometric power of voice to verify a speaker's identity. PerSay's products have been deployed by leading financial services, telecom operators, healthcare providers, enterprises and law enforcement agencies worldwide. PerSay is a spin-off of Verint Systems Inc., with offices in Tel Aviv and New York, and a network of partners and system integrators worldwide. For more information, visit


INS Indriya is a technology consulting firm providing Voice Applications and Customer Interaction strategy, solutions and services that bridge technology and customer experience. Based in Singapore, INS Indriya collaborates and partners with the best of breed technology providers that help to design, integrate and manage a new genre of open standard based business applications for the Enterprise and Contact Centers. The global partnering model ensures that customers are able to leverage on the latest in Communication technology to enhance their business processes. A wide range of consultation, education, product-engineering and systems integration services from INS Indriya enable companies to optimize their current investment by integrating IT and Communication infrastructure with CRM systems ultimately redefining their Customer Interaction strategy. For more information, visit

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