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Solution Deployment

Indriya Innovations' solutions can be deployed in multiple stages depending upon the business needs of our prospective Customers. Our solutions use standard API interfaces and are designed to be scalable and vendor-neutral. Our solutions are future-proof, platform independent and provide absolute investment protection to our Customers. The pre-requisites to deploy our solution are very minimal and require only:

  • A IVR with necessary available ports (depending upon call volume expected)
  • Back-end Database
  • Servers to deploy our specific 'Application Solution' and 'Biometric Engine'

Feasibility Analysis

Prospective Customers who want to evaluate and understand how our solutions can benefit their organization may want to take up a 3-5 weeks long 'Feasibility Study' conducted by our domain experts. The study will analyse the current environment and provide the necessary end user consultation for the end-state architecture, target operating model (TOM) and the corresponding ROI - return on investment. The feasibility study will analyse and document the existing infrastructure, current authentication mechanisms employed, risk factors involved and benefits of employing a new authentication solution. It would evaluate the potential increase or enhancement with future self service transactions, languages support requirements, operational efficiency, revenue potential, reduction in average handling time and corresponding savings in cost of sales and service.

Organizations who have already performed an internal study can chose to commence a Pilot Project directly.

Pilot Project

A Pilot Project involving 2000-5000 Users can be commenced either post or in-parallel with the 'Feasibility Study'. During the Pilot Project, our 'Application Solution' will be customised and integrated with our prospective Customer's existing back-end database along with the installation of Voice Biometrics Engine at their secured data-center premises. First level calibration and tuning of background models will be performed and a detailed statistical analysis will be done to obtain an optimal level of performance on each customer interaction channel and device.

A Pilot Project can be typically completed in 3 - 5 months time and rolled out as a 'Production System' depending upon the requirements and availability of resources.

Production System Scale-Up

After successful roll-out of the Pilot Project, our solutions can be quickly rolled out for our prospective Customer's millions of Users (with UIDs) under our EULA - End User Licence Agreement. The scaling and roll out will require about 2 - 3 months and may take a bit longer if a high-availability with data replication system is required. Further performance optimization will be done with few rounds of calibration and tuning after sufficient number of people complete their initial enrolments and verifications. Professional services including marketing and communication (MARCOM) tools for initial identification and verification for Users' pro-active take-ups for enrolment will be designed, executed and monitored.

Leading organisations can benefit from the integration of any one of our single on-premise system with their multiple Enterprise Applications or CRM systems.

Enterprises can quickly and easily deploy our solutions for internal or external Users, i.e. staff / employees or their own customers, under

  1. a) an outright capital expenditure (CAPEX) with annual maintenance and support (M&S), or
  2. b) per User-UID / per Year basis, a Software & Application Subscription (SAS ) model