Indriya Innovations' solutions leverage upon Voice Biometrics as one of the options for multiple factors to provide ease of use and privacy for customers and enhanced security for organizations. Our focussed Research and Development experience in Voice biometrics based authentication systems has culminated in a framework - INFAR 2.0 (Indriya Framework for Authentication Rights). Our framework consists of proven methodologies and processes for authenticating an identity. Currently, all our solutions are built on INFAR 2.0 and this provides standardization and interoperability between systems. This framework can be customised according to the needs of our customers depending upon the solution required and integrated with their backend database.

Most of the banks, telecom companies and government agencies do not buy a standalone Voice Biometrics engine or technology, but are looking for reliable and alternate 'Security Solutions' that incorporate multiple-factors of authentication. Our solutions are fine-tuned to match the needs of specific Industry and risk-factors associated.

Indriya Innovations INFAR 2.0 framework can be leveraged for designing multifactor authentication Solutions for enhancing customer self service, convenience and experience on the phone and internet for various industry sectors. Our Solutions provide additional privacy and security, including time and cost savings for users and organizations across:

  • Banks, Insurance and Capital Market
  • Telecom for subscribers and employees
  • Government Agencies, Public Sector and Utilities
  • Corporate Enterprise Services
  • Campuses, R&D institutes and Universities
  • Health Care, Hospital and Clinics, Resorts and Hospitality
  • Homeland Security, Defence, Military and Immigration

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