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Technology Framework

Our INFAR 2.0 framework based on multifactor authentication process does not require the physical presence of the person, making it ideal for usage on land lines, mobile telephone, computer and internet where remote authentication is required as 1st or 2nd factor or both.

INFAR 2.0 leverages on three main human identity authentication factors:

  • Something that a user knows, (remembering a PIN, User ID or Password)
  • Something that a user has, (carrying a ID Card, Driving License, Credit Card, Mobile Phone)
  • Something that a user is, like their Voice-Print ( physical being like Retina, Thumbprint, Face)

Our 'Solutions' provide, in combination with National ID card, Driving License, Pre Registered Phone numbers and/or User ID with PIN, the most Convenient, Secure, Cost Effective and User Friendly identity authentication platform for Users to elect for Self Service options. It can be used as a 3rd factor authentication in case of High Risk Transactions.

The 3rd factor encompasses voice biometric authentication, that is the process of comparing a voice sample with a stored voiceprint for the purpose of authenticating human identity. It is language and accent independent. Whereas a thumbprint has approximately 40 unique characteristics, a voice has over 120 separate characteristics. Voice biometric authentication is presumably 10 times more accurate than the thumbprint. It is relatively inexpensive compared to hard tokens and can be remotely used without getting lost, forgotten or stolen.

Major Benefits

  • Usage over Land Line and Mobile Phone, Soft IP phone, Computer Microphone with headset
  • Enrolment process is less than a minute and authentication can be done within 20 seconds
  • It is Simple, Secure and User Friendly
  • It is Voluntary and Remote
  • It is Convenient – with minimal face to face interaction